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Some thoughts on injury

I recently watched a documentary featuring a conversation between the great former racing driver, Stirling Moss, and Richard Hammond, one of the presenters of BBC One's "Top Gear". The reason for getting these two together was because of an experience they had in common: they had both crashed a car at high speed and been on the edge of death. Many of you will remember hearing the report a year or so ago that an experiment for Top Gear in a 200+ mile an hour car had gone horribly wrong and that Richard Hammond was in a coma. You may not remember so well the crash that landed Stirling Moss in hospital in a life threatening condition back in 1962. The men's conversation was emotive and almost painfully honest - I would highly recommend that you seek it out on iplayer or youtube. They both talked with candour about their crashes but also about their journeys since then; about how they've coped with new thought processes, feelings and getting back into a car. One thing in particular that struck me and started me thinking was something that Stirling Moss said. You may or may not know that he chose to end his racing career after his crash, despite having seemingly to have fully re