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Who's mad?

A lady approached David yesterday while he was waiting in a queue at the cashpoint. Her appearance was what some people might describe as "eccentric". Her clothes were slightly dishevelled, her hair was long and a little bit wild and she walked up to David with a rather strange, lop-sided gait and started talking to him as though she knew him. Society would say she's a little mad. Some people might be a little wary of her. You don't just walk up to people you don't know and begin a conversation! Especially in London, surely? David was wearing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. She said to him, "what fantastic shoes! Where can I get a pair?" It turns out that she's had a problem with her spine which has affected the nerve supply to her legs, hence the unusual walking pattern. She was also wearing diving socks on her feet, not because she's a weirdo, but because these are the only shoes she's been able to find that are comfortable for her. Which doesn't surprise me - if you're not getting the necessary signals from your nerves as to where your legs are, wearing a pair of "fashionable" stilettoes or high-heeled boots with pointy toes is a sure fire way of leaving you face down on the pavement. In fact, it often happens to people with "normal" nerve signals. If you're wearing heeled sho