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It's not fair!

As David and I continue to experiment with barefoot running, adding miles, altering terrain and slowly adapting our muscles to this natural way of moving, I marvel at how effortless it is for David, and balk at how difficult it is for me. When we used to run in trainers, I was the one who could keep going happily for miles whilst David would struggle awkardly and seem to work harder than necessary. Now that we've shed our shoes, it's as though David has been freed of the evil hindrances that were slowing him down and hampering his natural running style and he now flies along almost just skimming the earth beneath him. For me, however, it's the opposite. My shoes were apparently masking a multidude of sins that have now been exposed and are reaking havoc on my body. My feet are sensitive; little niggles that I used to be able to ignore (but shouldn't have) are now shouting too loudly for me to silence them. It's not that I'm not improving - I'm actually getting quite good - but still, the question keeps bugging me: why is it so much easier for David than for me? I was as good, if not better than him at running before. He could beat me at most other sports, but running was my thing. What's going on?! I recently read an article on Christopher McDougall's blog which encouraged me to think b