About us


Barefoot Running Magazine was founded in 2009 by two movement specialists and barefoot runners, David Robinson and Anna Toombs.


The magazine began life as a six page newsletter to accompany Anna and David’s coaching company, Barefoot Running UK, but over the years has morphed into a full blown magazine with many generous writers contributing their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of health related topics.


The magazine covers the many different aspects of barefoot and minimalist running, such as the physical benefits and improvement in technique, as well as the mental changes that can occur by accepting the challenge to do something a little differently.  It incorporates all manner of other exercise and health regimes too, from how to set up transitions for triathlon to how to prepare your own healthy energy drinks.  It also includes a wealth of thorough, honest product reviews written by the test team.


Barefoot and minimalist running is increasing in popularity and evolving as more people try it and share their experiences.  The folks at Barefoot Running Magazine are enjoying following and cataloguing these changes!

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